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Health Ride Plus


About Us

Family Owned

Family owned company founded in 1997, Health Ride Plus, Inc. is a (Para Transit) non-emergency transportation provider specializing in Ambulatory, Wheelchair and Stretcher Transports. Health Ride Plus, Inc. services are not limited to just medical related transports; we also provide transportation for recreation, social and other purposes. We offer Curb to Curb, Door to Door and Door through Door levels of service to meet all consumer needs.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most requests require 72-hour advance scheduling, but many can be handled in as little as 24-hour notice. On-Demand services are also available in some areas. Group and set schedule services are available and are extremely affordable.

Health Ride Plus, Inc. directly serves over a fifteen (15) county area in West Central Pennsylvania, with frequent trips to out of state destinations and major metropolitan areas. Health Ride Plus, Inc. is focused on providing the highest quality of transportation services to all people regardless of circumstance or situation.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Health Ride Plus, Inc. is to provide the most safe, reliable and efficient medical and non-medical transportation for our clients by utilizing quality vehicles, innovations in technology and professional staff.
To be the Leading Non-Emergency Medical and Non-Medical transportation provider in the Para-Transit transportation Industry. Providing the highest quality of transportation services to anywhere you need to go.


Our staff is dedicated to the following principles and values:

  • Excellence: Health Ride Plus, Inc. strives for the highest quality in all that we do. It’s not just about getting a person from one place to another; it’s about making it the most pleasurable transportation experience we can provide.
  • Compassion: Health Ride Plus, Inc. we treat every customer as a real person with individual needs and requests. No one is ever treated like a number.
  • Customer Service: At Health Ride Plus, Inc. we work hard every day to exceed our clients and customers expectations. All our staff our devoted to servicing each transport with individual attention and detail.
  • Professionalism: Health Ride Plus, Inc. will maintain the highest ethical standards through its actions and decisions. All our staff are focused on the quality of their work and the best outcomes of their efforts.
  • Teamwork: Health Ride Plus, Inc. staff work together throughout all levels of the organization. From Ownership to Drivers, each person does their part and contributes to accomplishing the company’s overall goal of serving the client.
  • Innovation: Health Ride Plus, Inc. is continually developing new ideas and services to meet the needs of clients. We are never satisfied with good enough; we strive to be the best.
  • Trust: Health Ride Plus, Inc. is motivated by the reaction our clients and customers have to their transportation experience. We want to be sure they have the confidence in us for continued use of our service, establishing a devoted and lasting relationship.