Looking for a great job?

Special Education Driver

Positively impact the lives of special needs and other children in your community by driving them to school and other programs.
  • Safely operate a variety of vehicles, including sedans, minivans, full-size passenger vans, and wheelchair vans, in accordance with all State and Federal traffic laws, while driving school-aged children
  • Safely assist students as needed. This includes helping them enter and exit the vehicle, using the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belts, and safely securing them in car seats and booster seats
  • Communicate effectively and clearly with students, parents, teachers, and staff
  • Effectively use communication skills while using a two-way radio system
  • No commute! The van goes home with you! (if you have secure parking)
Special Education students are the most precious cargo on the planet. They are so sweet, and you really become a big part of helping them have a great day.
Special Education Driver